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Protect your sofa with

A good quality sofa will bring you years of comfort, so it makes sense to protect it from life's little accidents!

What is SofaShield?

SofaShield is a warranty system that protects your sofa fabric against accidental spills and stains from common household substances, giving you complete peace of mind.

SofaShield warranty offers a 3 year or 6 year protection option based on your type of sofa*.

SofaShield warranty comes with:
• Toll free telephone advisory service
• Assistance in the removal of stubborn stains

If a stain cannot be removed, the affected area will be replaced with the original or similar fabric from an equivalent price range.

Note: This is only for stains listed and does not include general wear and tear, rips or everyday soiling.

SofaShield protects against...

How much does it cost?

Protect for your sofa for as little as:
- $20 per seating capacity for a standard 3 year warranty on our entire range of sofas, armchairs and ottomans. OR
- $30 per seating capacity for a premium 6 years warranty, only available on our Australian made range of sofas, armchairs and ottomans.

We will calculate the total cost of your SofaShield warranty based on the number of seating capacity of your sofa.

How do I make a claim?

All you need to do is call our handy SofaShield hotline on 1800 630 700, have your sales invoice and sofa shield warranty proof of purchase ready along with your full details.

  • Report all possible claims through the toll-free SofaShield Warranty Hotline within 14 days of the stain occurring.
  •  Clean the stained area only as directed by cleaning methods and products in this brochure. If the stain is not successfully removed you must call the SofaShield Warranty Hotline within 14 days of the initial staining for further assistance.
  • Clean the stained area only as directed by the SofaShield Warranty customer service operator using only recommended cleaning methods and products.
  • Provide proof of purchase of a Fantastic Furniture Sofa by providing copies of the retail sales receipt showing the purchase of both the furniture and the SofaShield Warranty.
  • Fabric should be vacuumed regularly and kept out of direct sunlight. PU should be cleaned with a damp clean cloth regularly and kept out of direct sunlight. 
  • The SofaShield Warranty will become null and void if you fail to maintain your product or use cleaning materials not specifically designed for fabric or PU.
  • Only use the toll-free SofaShield Warranty Hotline number for stain removal advice and to request professional help under the terms and conditions of the SofaShield Warranty.

SofaShield Warranty Exclusions

  1. General everyday soiling or build up over time resulting from normal use. The SofaShield Warranty is NOT a cleaning contract and does not cover the cleaning of furnishings that are soiled through daily use.
  2. Stains which are the result of mishandling, abuse or neglect of the furnishings.
  3. Furnishings which have not been properly maintained or have general spilling, furnishings that have been subject to misuse, vandalism or have been altered in any way.
  4. Furnishings used for commercial or rental purpose.
  5. Stains not attended to promptly and not reported within 14 days of occurrence.
  6. Stains which are unidentifiable.
  7. Burns, rips/tears and fading.
  8. Build up of pet hair and damage caused by pets or animals.
  9. Damage caused in or by transit.
  10. Stains caused by transfer of dyestuffs from other items onto the sofa upholstery.
  11. Causes of damage beyond the control of the warranty holder, such as fire, flood, wind, lightning, property, structural, casualty damage or any other natural disasters.
  12. This warranty is only applicable to the original customer that purchased the product and is not transferrable to another person.
  13. This 3 year warranty covers fabrics for Australian made and imported sofas.

SofaShield Warranty is only valid in Australia. Fantastic Furniture will not be liable for any consequential or indirect damage of any kind and, shall only be required to service the stained furnishings as outlined in this brochure.

The SofaShield Warranty is in addition to all other statutory warranties.

The addition of any fabric protector will void the SofaShield Warranty.
For the warranty to be valid, you must follow all instructions provided.

Terms & Conditions of the SofaShield Warranty

The SofaShield Warranty only applies to new furnishings intended for private and domestic use and which is delivered to the consumer soil free. The SofaShield Warranty is limited to authorised cleaning agents only, is not a general cleaning service and is limited to the service of the affected areas of the furnishings only. The removal of a stain is not guaranteed if the warranty holder is unable to identify how the stain occurred. If within 3 years of purchasing the SofaShield Warranty, the covering fabric of the furnishings covered by this warranty absorbs a stain which cannot be removed using our recommended methods, a professional cleaning technician will service the affected area, or depending on the type of stain and location of stain, the affected area of furnishing will be recovered or replaced at no cost to the warranty holder. Should the professional cleaning technician be unable to remove a stain covered by this warranty, the affected area of furnishing will either be recovered or replaced if the original fabric is still available. An exact colour match cannot be guaranteed due to variation in dye lots. If the original fabric is no longer available you may choose a similar fabric from the current equivalent price range. Where replacement is undertaken this will only be up to the original price of the item paid by the warranty holder. Where the SofaShield Warranty has replaced furniture, the replaced furniture will no longer be eligible under the terms of the original SofaShield Warranty. Furniture replacement requires the warranty holder to relinquish ownership of all replaced items.

*SofaShield hotline available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm I800 630 700