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At Fantastic Furniture, we’ve been making Australian homes more Fantastic for over 30 years. To meet the expectations of our customers and help keep Australia Fantastic well into the future, we’re committed to driving sustainable practices across our business, with a focus on three core pillars: Waste, Climate and Products.


Waste Minimisation

At our Fantastic Manufacturing facility in New South Wales, we’ve implemented the use of large-scale computer manufacturing technology in conjunction with automated fabric and timber cutting machines to drive material usage efficiency and ensure we minimise any wastage.

Recycling & Second Life Products

At our Fantastic Manufacturing facility in New South Wales, the foam offcuts used in our cushions and seating are captured and recycled into new foam products by supply partners.

We are working with one of our key partners to ensure that our timber offcuts generated through the process of our lounge manufacturing, are captured and recycled into particle board and medium density fibreboard. This can then be used in other furniture and building projects in the future.


LED Lighting to Reduce Carbon Emissions

When Fantastic Furniture move into buildings, or refurbish existing ones, we work with our landlords and retail design teams always utilising low energy LED lights.

As of 2023, we have successfully rolled out LED lighting across Victorian stores, the Fantastic Furniture distribution centre in Sydney and our Fantastic Manufacturing facility in New South Wales.

Following the LED upgrade at the Fantastic Manufacturing facility in NSW, we have seen our average monthly bill drop substantially through an estimated 70% reduction in lighting energy use – savings of more than 1 million kWh each year.


Australian Made Sofas and Mattresses

With over 30% of our mattress and sofa ranges made in Australia, we are reducing our distribution of carbon footprint compared to imported products, while supporting the Australian manufacturing industry.

Sustainable Fabrics

We are expanding our range of sustainable fabric choices for our customers. We currently offer four sustainable fabric choices across our Australian made sofa range.




Fantastic Furniture is a registered member of the Australian Packaging covenant organisation (APCO). As part of this membership, we’re working towards:

• Reducing packaging waste in our products.
• Creating more sustainable packaging.
• Ongoing consumer education and engagement with the process of recycling our product packaging.


Sustainability Tracker

Sustainability Tracker

Fantastic Furniture are proud to be a Foundation Member of Sustainability Tracker. Sustainability Tracker is the digital home of brand sustainability information. We self-report on our sustainability progress and substantiate environmental claims with detailed information, documentation, and 3rd party certifications. Click here to visit our profile.

Fantastic’s Sustainable Working Group

At Fantastic Furniture, we’re committed to doing more when it comes to Sustainability. Which is why we have a dedicated Sustainability Working Group, ‘The Thoughtful Bunch’, which includes Senior Leaders who represent the wider business to ensure we are moving closer to and reaching our overall sustainable goals set with APCO.